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Hi!  Thanks for visiting our site! I'm Sara Kavanaugh, founder and owner of Spartan Business Services.  

So who are we?  Our mission is to create an engaging experience with businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs through inspiring and innovative business and marketing solutions.  We are all about sharing our unique strengths to engage and inspire individuals and businesses to achieve an even greater impact than they ever imagined... in a "spartan" manner.  What does this mean?  Much like the purpose of a Spartan's shield, we fill in the gaps of your business and marketing needs and despite the hard work, discipline and focus, the ancient Spartans learned to “Seize the Day!”  Our team will provide hard work, discipline and focus for your projects but we’ll also be sure you have a fun, positive and engaging experience.

No matter what your business need – marketing, branding, process improvement or simply support to put together a well-thought-out strategy, we’d be happy to talk to you. 


Thanks again for checking us out!  We hope to hear from you!



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